They Took Your Soul.

They took your soul,
Drifted like a summer's breeze through the
Open window,
As clouds consumed the moonlight,
White stars flickered out,
One by sparkling one.
Your eyelids flickered in the darkness
But you couldn't escape the dream
As they wrapped their freezing fingers
Around your thumping heart,
Replaced the warmth in your eyes
With counterfeit sorrow.
I saw them drain the hope
From crimson arteries
And watched you break
As the dream became a nightmare,
Still trapped.
We told you to keep the windows closed,
But you wanted to feel the wind
On your sweet, optimistic face,
And blow into a sparkling wonderland.
You wanted it all,
Woke with an icy heart,
Despair, lingering in faded blood,
And a soul-less smile.
That night
They took your soul.
The End

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