Please Forgive MeMature

Please forgive me My Love for what I’ve done…

There’s blood on the floor and my prints are on the gun.

I don’t expect you to understand.

No…of course not.

How could you?

You’re just a man.

Then again, who says you’d even miss me?

I never really was anything to you.

Just a warm pair of thighs and someone to stroke your ego.

But I never got to say goodbye…

How could I even try?

Where would I even start?

I guess it’s too late now…

No, I couldn’t say goodbye.

I wouldn’t be able to see that look in your eyes.

I know you’d try to stop me.

But what would be the point?

Soon I’ll be nothing but a memory if anything at all.

Just another corpse in the ground.

I just hope you will one day forgive me…

The End

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