please forgive me

Please forgive me.
I know you say I have nothing to be sorry for,
but I can't stop apologizing.

Please forgive me.
I'm sorry I'm so clingy,
I stick to you like a kindergartener's fingers
smeared with glue,
I don't mean to burden you
it's just since I met you,
I lost myself in your eyes
and I've been trying to find my other half
hidden in your smile.

Please forgive me.
I know I make mistakes.
My moods swing like a roller coaster
and I cling to you to keep me on
when you long to get off
and walk,
"let's look at the stars,"
you say, but I'm too tired, too far away,
and so you take your time to take me home
and make sure I'm okay.

Please forgive me.
For all the nights I kept you awake
afraid that I wouldn't be there the next day,
for all the times I pushed too far
and broke your beautiful heart.

Please forgive me.
Because I've been wandering around in the dark
and you have become my North star,
a constant, no matter where we are.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I keep saying I'm sorry
but I want you to know it's more than just an apology.
It stems from the tips of my toes,
the bottom of my soul,
all the way to the eyelashes I butterfly kiss you with.
Because the truth is,
I've never been loved like this before,
and I'm terrified I'll ruin it
so you won't come back anymore.

So please forgive these tears,
they can't cease their flow,
because being without you,
is being without the only thing I know.

The End

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