Please Find Me

Silently outrageous,

First born, last remembered,

Lost within herself,

Waiting for you to find me,

I know I'm your third choice,

It doesn't hurt as it should,

I want you either way,

It's driving me insane,

Thinking and dreaming and longing for some guy I never met,


Last on every list of priorities,

Rarely seen and never heard,

Please notice me,

Seven words uttered that may be a lie,

Or a casual comment,

All I know is that I live on that lie,


Please don't write me off,

I am like a lost little girl,

I am forever labelled as,

"First born, last remembered"

A love too intense for my frozen heart,

One that can't cope with love,

An alien disease,

Easily returned to its hardened state.



The End

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