I left the exhibition more  bewildered

Dexterous hands

Elaborate realisation of the modern world

Please don't send me flowers again

The orchestra's at your disposal

The idea of the exterior world

Holding your memories together


Fragmented shellac

The frigger shows us all in a good light

Please don't send me flowers

Cummulous clouds over a Lanrkshire evening

Rays of light in the spectator's eyes

Hand maidens of Odin

A wagnerian introduction

Leaves no peace of mind


Please don't leave me flowers again

Who do I say they're from

Lovely adultery

Crescent shaped rooms over a gasworks in Stoke

Do not satisfy my sense of touch


Full of strangers, their glasses dirty

Discovered light and shadow

Art Noveau on a sink estate

Granny's asking questions

Please don't send me flowers

Attractive, refined, rhythmically ensembled

The vision is much too grotesque


A shocking state of neglect

An eminent statistician entered the building

Admire the spinet

The number of autopsies increased by the thousands

Balloons and flying machines are all the rage back home

Who put flies in the filing desk

Nests in the lockers

A snaggled one


Deliberately broken sandstone, limestone baked from earth

fragmentry souls

Please don't send me flowers again

They're at it as we speak

Too many parallels, erratic loucheness

No sense of the aesthetic

Decadence in satinwood

Came tumbling down the stairs

Architechtural elevations

Pour your life in a puzzlejug


Please don't send me flowers again.




















The End

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