Please do not recycle

Doctor Who was touring,
Some far off solar system,
When the TARDIS toilet exploded,
And he was knocked out by the cistern.
His molecules got jumbled,
And his atoms got messed up.
And the TARDIS became a coconut,
The Doctor a polystyrene cup.

The TARDIS still was square and blue,
But completely a coconut,
And the Doctor was full of Fanta,
Which hey, beat 7-up.
But he really preferred Dr Pepper,
Or Pepsi would be good too.
But the day Doctor Who drank Fanta,
Was the day coconuts went blue.

They carried on touring the galaxy,
Till they hit a green blue sphere,
Fell onto a table,
On a March day bright and clear.
Just as he was climbing out,
Three girls surrounded his ship,
One with a really scarlet pout
And one with hand on hip.
The other one was thirsty,
And said ‘Hey, things are looking up!’
They were, except for a coconut,
And a polystyrene cup.

The TARDIS now has a straw in it,
And sits on someone’s shelf,
And Doctor Who got recycled,
This time not by himself.
So here ends my story,
Just hope you never end up,
As a square blue coconut,
Or a polystyrene cup.

The End

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