Please come back one last timeMature

Something for a Friend that I lost 7 years ago she needed a friend and I walked away.... I'm so sorry...

They say that time can change the heart of a man,

They were right, more then they can understand.

The time has changed the course of my life,

as you sat there and sharpened your knife.

you needed a friend, I was nowhere to be found,

if only I took the fucking chance to turn around.

Then you would still be here with us you see?

Instead I'm here alone drowning in misery.

I have lost myself to the hands of time,

but the time is earned, I helped the crime.

You found a way out, thinking you were never strong,

I wish I could prove that you were wrong all along.

You were strong, you just lost your sight,

And slowly ran away from the light.

You wanted one wish, to be set free,

the rope held well on the old battered tree.

You had your wish now please hear mine

Please come back one last time.

The End

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