Baby, baby,

Why must you hurt me like this?

What did I do, to deserve this?


Or everything.

I deserve nothing.

But why, from you, of all people.

It stings, and I want to cry,

But all I want to do is run, 

Run, run,

far away,

so that I can forget you,

And these past few. . . .wonderful, days.

That we spent, where you made me feel, made me. . . hope.

I hate you.

But I love you so much that it hurts, and losing you. . . . 

I don't know if I can cope.

Would I want to?  Really?

Death has always seemed pleasant, and polite, to me.

Never has done me any wrong.

Death sings the truth, in a depressing, but honest song.

I listen, I listen to everything you say.

But I'm never enough, now am I?

And I shouldn't wait for, maybe, that day,

Because it will never come, this I know.

Because like me. . .you can't let go.

Just let me be alone.  

Just let me be.

Don't ever, ever talk to me.

Forget me, please.

Don't remember.  Don't try to help, it only hurts.

I don't want this.

Why, why did you do this to me?

Just. . . . .

Don't ever talk to me, please.  

The End

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