Playing GOD?Mature

You think because you made me
Raised me
You can call the shots
What century are you living?
Jeez, just grow up

I know the person that I am
Made that choice long ago
Sorry if its quite a shock
But was I meant to hide forever?

Don't try and play GOD with me
You can't command my every action
Don't look so surprised that I'm attacking
What else were you honestly expecting?

Emotional whiplash
That's your game
Guilt me into feeling ashamed
Just because I've identified
The person that I really am

Sorry I don't fit your vision
Sorry I won't become what you expected
But let's be frank
Giving birth ain't that amazing
Most people can do it

So just because you made me
Doesn't make you any kind of GOD
Now go away
You don't make any
Demands of me

The End

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