Addressing ChristianityMature

I am sitting on the ground, people watching;

I see a girl, cowering beside a boy with a handful of her hair,
yanking her painfully along, I see-

I see a boy pulling at his sleeves, a face of pain etched into
his face, and I catch a glimpse of a drop of blood falling from
his wrists, while he stares out hopefully at a brother who ignores him completely-

And I see a group of people outside out of a church, protesting homosexuals and their way of life and the love that keeps them alive….

And I want to know WHO told YOU that you could pass judgement on innocent souls, just trying to find acceptance?

Who gave you the right to shut them out, hate them, hit them, push them down?
Who looked you in the eye and said,

“This is your destiny, to oppress the depressed, to hunt the loving creatures of the land for they are different, and therefore born of the devil.” ?

Tell me, please because I don’t understand, how in the world are you allowed to cut short the hopes and dreams of a family of someone you don’t know?

If you are a child of God, this I know, you are not the enforcer of God’s laws. YOU are not to be hateful, in his Commandments for you He wrote for your hearts to love thy neighbor-

One verse, one scripture, one declaration. To love thy neighbor:
Whether they’re white,black, foreign, or born and rasied in your homeland:

Your God commands, love thy neighbor.

But you throw stones at their hopes, shattering dreams of normality all because of a difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality, and you can’t look a man or woman in the eye when you find out that they are different than you.

You preach to your children that God loves them, despite their sins, and that forgiveness is a specialty of the Father, and that you are all created in His image, so ACT as if you are born from the very flesh of the Creator, and live in kindness, love, FORGIVENESS, much as He commands you to do.

You have no right to pass judgement on these souls, who are only looking for a home. Shelter the unloved, clothe the faithless, renew their contract with hope- Build a covenant of the heart and rebuild their trust. Do not break them, teach your children to love, to understand, and teach them to feel ashamed when they say or feel hate- You are the teachers, the leaders, the shepherds.

The sheep cannot find home in the pastures when the shepherd is lost, lead your sheep so they follow you as you follow your God. Your God is a loving and jealous God, one who does not preach hate nor oppression. And neither should you to the generations you clothe, love and feed. feed their imaginations, hearts,and minds with love- do not deflower the innocent with your seeds of hate… the change, and make the change good, and worthwhile.

Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and love you should. Your values are your own, and while you should live fully and in the name of you God, shoving your faith down the throats of someone with beliefs fully their own is not what your religion demands, so why claim that their “differential” existence affects you? if you follow in the footsteps of the Son, you have no reason to blame your personal insecurities and doubts on people that have no direct effect on you or your lives.

Why do we spend so much time debating the basics of homosesuality when there are girls, being raped beaten and killed, boys too tired and depressed to live their lives so they pretend to be someone else, when OUR children are tired of life during their teenage years?

And so here I am, pondering the irony of all these things,
simply sitting on the ground, people watching under an grand oak tree,
And this bone jarring hatred is all that I can feel in the air
and, with unbelieving eyes, see.

The End

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