"Playing GOD is not your place" part 2Mature

You think you know-it-all and rules dare not apply?

You think I can not see the rage inside your sigh?

Then you have the audacity to ask ME why?

Playing GOD is not the job you were given

Pull yourself out of this dream you're livin'

Your future is yet to be driven

You think I wouldn't notice the lies you spread about?

You think my ears don't hear the words you angrily shout?

Then you have the balls to force me out?

Playing GOD is not a duty suited for you

In combat you wouldn't have a clue

So I think and apology is due

So you still think your playing GOD?

You think you're actions will be awed?

Don't you see you're mission has been flawed?

Playing GOD is not in my cards or yours

For only he himself can open heavens doors

So cast away with all this talk of wars

The End

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