Playing GOD is not your placeMature

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Is it not enough?
To have your land and people
That you go against other countries
Trying to change them?

Trying to change them
When you forget their history
How the population still remembers the Cold War and World War II
Do you have the rights to say to be how you are you?
To tell them how to live and what government to hold?
Are you kidding?

Do you know how many people lost someone?
Especially during the second world war?
Do you think they won’t fight or be afraid to destroy your embassy
When you try to take over their country-their pride…their humanity?

Is it not enough that most of the world has heard of you
And learned to speak your language
NATO…huh…you say it is equal
That all the countries who are part of it are equal?
Are you kidding?
When it is obvious who runs them and only now things are changing
But in expense of a third party…

It is not your place to preach your beliefs in any type of form
It is not your place to think that you are GOD
Because playing GOD will bring you wrath from a higher power
It will come back to haunt you times 3

The End

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