Playing games

You never know who's playing you so be careful befrie you become someones game.

You will never understand

How much i tend to stand 

I believe in so much it all falls in

All in all it becomes one

Lies become the truth and the truth becomes lies

Forever becomes never

Never to be spoken of again

But still i tend

To believe in things i once heard

Still gripping hope

Like im hanging from a lose rope 

But only to fal

Over and over and over again

Still thinking maybe one day

It will all change

And maybe this was just for the time of range

But as i look back

Tend to think

Was anything you said real?

Did you ever tend to keep you word?

Or were you playing me?

Like boys play video games

Or how girls play with dolls and things

Or was i just a game?

Somthing to play with till you go bored

Till you found somthing else that cought your attention 

But might i mention

For someone who says they was sorry for it all

You still seem so calm

Like i was someone to frame

Ha, s i think you for letting me be your game

And i promise

It will never happen 


The End

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