This is dedicated to a boy in my life. A realistic poem if you're that flirty type girl and are friends with many boys. :) Let me know what you think! Thanks!

With tears in my eyes, I walked down the street,                                                                                It wasn't me at all, whom he wanted to meet.

Rushing in my mind, came thoughts of the past,                                                                                  At one point of my life, I thought they would last.

The chats on Facebook, the useless dates,                                                                                            His pretenses of us, being soul mates.

Today, when we were meeting for the first time,                                                                                But today when I arrived, everything seemed so fake and anime.                                                  He stood there, with another girl in his arms,                                                                                      I looked at him, with anger, jealousy and alarm.  

"How do I explain, baby you're my life-"                                                                                          Were the exact words he said, I was like                                                                                          "Oh yeah, if that be true, better hit me with a knife."

Yes, I admit he got me,                                                                                                                       I was too blind to see.

My heart, of course he did take,                                                                                                        Played with it, had fun,                                                                                                                      And threw it away.

I realized what a horrid mistake I'd made,                                                                                      He's a player, for God's sake!                                             

The End

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