I was sat in a garden waiting to meet somebody who I hadn't seen for 7 months who used to be my absolute world. had my notebook and so I put my feelings onto paper. Eh. Comments welcome!

The grass looks plastic;
picture perfect,
Everything we're not.
Ten pounds into the wishing well
and I don't know if I'd
wish to never have changed.

You loved my prototype,
Now, here's the finished product,
Shiny specimen,
Here's my market value,
The auction house ran out of time
and so I patented myself.
I no longer feel like a little girl,
I think I know what I want
and I think you
still have a place

Sitting amongst this plastic.

I never could forget how I forgot about you.
Maybe I needed to evolve poké-style
and the catalyst was
400 miles from home,
Telling me it didn't love me
and I grew up.
I smelt the roses,
They tasted of earth and cements and roots
and I was scared and so I ran away.

Yet here I am,
Back again,
Sat on grass that is not a lie
in front of running water
plishplosh splash
I can feel the breeze raising hairs on the back of my neck.
I sit here,
Waiting for you,
Scared that I cannot prove
that being without you completed me.

Finally proud of who I am,
Yet still terrified of falling down.

The End

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