Plastic Surgery

The price we pay for fakeness. Where's the justice for realism in this world? What is being taught to future generations? I despair!

Look around you,

Plasticity in the city,

Deeming your "sophistication" to be creativity,

Encouragement splashed in every alley,

Fake this and fake that,

I admit I'm guilty of this lured trap,

You want it,

They got it.

You and I look in the mirror and don't know who we are anymore,

Some Katie Price replica.

Inked up bodies,

Can you not afford pen and paper for your notes?

Silicone plumped bodies,

Chemistry oh so warped.


Pushing and prodding you to get involved.

There's a message for your vanity,

Everything comes at a price,

Everything comes with a forfeit,


    what's yours?


The End

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