Planting hate and raising rage

Apologies for this rage dumping, inspired by current events happening. What we do today shall affect what the next generation would do.

This rage.
This hate.
This sadness. 
This madness. 
And all I wish to be,
is to be left alone 
in this world of dispute:  
How are you going to force, 
Me, a pacifist,
to choose a side
in this conflicted world? 
In this disarray,
I find dismay.
But isn’t it awful of me, 
to sit back and watch 
and wait for it
to unfold
with a slight 
twisted, sick side of mine
to wish to see the day
we meet our own demise. 
When the time comes,
I would love to scoff, 
And say, 
I told you so.
So feel the wrath that you have single handedly stirred 
and injected into the next generation.
When we become old, tired, battered and worn out,
we will be eaten alive by the rising tide, 
and wonder
What have we done?
What have we unleashed? 
And as we struggle to keep afloat 
by the only means that we know:
We will become the oppressors in their eyes
Condemned as we had condemned, 
Hated as we had hated, 
And the cycle returns,
spurred on in the means of flaming justice,
and with no remorse in what we had planted
in our budding successors.

The End

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