Plane Old Sad

It's a terrible feeling

a feeling that makes you want to cry away

to let all your tears out that had built up through out the day

a feeling that makes you feel completly powerless

a feeling that makes you feel completly cowardice

You'll start to blame, it's quite a shame

you'll know there is no  point to continue

but thing is,you'll continue anyway

your only hope is to make a fake

a game of trick that you'll have to take

It's a feeling that you lost a battle

your heart will begin to shake, it will begin to rattle

my heart feels empty but yours does not

 it's as if you swallowed a rotten and sour apricot 

it makes makes me feel sick, like I swallowed a brick

your fighting the tears

you've been fighting them for years

time doesn't stop

your body is simply in shock

you had a happy feeling lodged in your heart

but now it just quickly ended with a pop

it was to good to be true

there is no one who would fall for it,there are only few

and there all exactly like me and you

the worst part is she stole it right out of your hand

she made it look like a prize,like it was grand

I guess  it is in a way

it's not her fault that what happened happened today

the feeling of anger storms up inside you

It's stuck to you, like sticky glue

this is getting long,but just stay strong as my story takes an unexpected turn.

I make him pay,I make him burn

and some day i'll make him learn

for now he's missing out

and i say this without any doubt 

my friends say there so sorry with a little pout 

but honestly I dont need there sorry's, 

I think I need to relax, have a nap

now i better end this as im borring you with my sorrow

I wonder if this feeling will continue today, or maybe even tomorrow.  

The End

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