Plan on Seeing the Museum of Rare Ties Each May

Ready for the next raindrop down the window
Understanding chaos - well in hand, so I thought
Devil if I care for your silver twang
Errors delight in their secret origins

Annoying destiny is the only fun I’ve had
No truth, no trust, no definitions
Defend or attack, and watch for the initiative

Clever hearts and no colors, eh?
Oh, merci, I’ll play along
Look at that clown against the wall
Dueling his shadow to the death

Attrition will reveal the balance of power
Notice her distinction and your cruelty
Dangling an irresistible trade
A sweet bunch of grapes in the cold morning sun

Throw in some ice, attend the jubilee
Every red ribbon you grab and release carries its alibi
A chance to touch the queen and you move without will
She won’t negotiate with diplomats
Everyone in the reception hall cheers 

Aggravation is mostly what you get
Not quite the thrills the brochure describes
Draw if you can, say the long shot fans
Analyze the other side in the next of your lives

Wink if you saw me wake up, blink if you had the same dream
I solved drinking problems like logic problems, in torrents
There were invisible trumpets, small dishes on fire
Conversations about stolen masterpieces
Hung in back rooms, alone, impossible to sell

The End

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