The Bottom of My Heart

The bottom of my heart

Is where the truth lies.

Here all thoughts are sly, smart

And all compassion dies.

I smile all day, and laugh, and laugh

The words I have to say, but half

Of everything I do, the things that seem most heart felt

Are lies tucked deep beneath my belt.

Imagine the words of hate I hold,

The hellish truth I feel should stay confined.

The love that I give just turns to mould,

It reflects on my amber dog who whines

When the moon is full and the howl is clear.

I scream so loud for the whole world to hear.

I am desperate to tear off the pale empty case

That covers my true heart and hides my true face.

The day I take part in my final dance,

I might sing for all those who I truly hold dear.

It may not even show the bottom of my heart,

But the song of my life and death will be one that's sincere.


My Alter Ego

My Alter Face

The Heart that no tear can ever replace

The End

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