What you should live for

People can find reasons to live

Often hard to find.

But give one moment, just one moment,

For those who lost their chance

To drink, to laugh, to dance,

To sing and cry and dream.

They had that once, but now they're gone.

So if you find that special song,

The one that reminds you of them.

Play it long and loud and high

So it reaches the edge of the sky.

That two-minute silence

Is all of our respect,

Focused with passion and love.

If we could manifest what they deserve,

The whole world would see doves.

End the war, the violence and strife,

By waving a light in the air,

To commemorate the lives that they led,

To show your whole soul bare.

If you can imagine

Their pure legend hands,

Knocking on heaven’s door,

Remember that they miss you just as much.

So just smile for them, just for a while,

And they can be happy, forever content.

The End

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