Pies can fly

Dad: Did you know pies can fly?

Me: Oh shut up! What a lie!

I think that is just as true

As curry scented shampoo.

Dad: Do you remember the strawberry cows?

Me: No, that sounds just like your old wedding vows!

Dad: Hey! A bit harsh. You know that I'm right.

Me: I think now I will wish you goodnight.

Dad: Well what if I said your mum will give birth?

Me: I know that's a lie for all that I'm worth.

Dad: OK, that's fine, if that’s what suits you.

Should I choose pink? Or should I choose blue?

Me: Stop toying with me, you must be crazy...

(Crying can be heard from the living-room)

Dad: And now you can hold her and love her and sigh

Now she will always be your pie that can fly.

The End

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