That's old pipey,

stood on the street corner,

Smoking, choking, throwing his life away,

Who knows what illegal substance's his puffing,


He knows, he knows, 

He toes and froes, 

It's all in the back of his mind,

all of the time, 


That's Mr grimey,

Sleeves all wet and slimey,

Get a job, get a hair cut,

make sure the older,  wiser men don't beat you to fuck,


He's in pain, he's a misery,

Think what happened,

What could be?

Turn, turn, away from this emotional turmoil


That's old waster,

Stand by my side take a picture,

It's all shits and gigles till some-one gets hurt,

I think some-one already is,


That's him, that's him,

Don't, the picture looks grim,

This is not one for a photo album,

It's one for rock stars and down and outs,

Finally you have written a mediocre song,

Is it really something to shout about?  







The End

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