A "trip"

Nothing to loose,

Allthough death is not what i mean to choose,

So i swallow the pill with ease,

And soon im in the middle of a forest with no trees,

Amazed by what i see,

Allthough its only my mind and me,

The trip has begun,

This part is not very fun,

Beasts and monsters gather around,

As huge as they are they make not a sound,

I reach out to touch the beings of fear,

But in the same instant they disapear,

Astonished and confused,

My mind now willingly being abused,

The world around me changes even more,

I begin to drift into the floor,

I scream and yell,

But it only brings me closer to my minds hell,

So i stop trying to fight it,

And just let myself seep into my minds pit,

I was now inclosed in the ground,

And I could hear my dear love,

From what i could observe she was on the ground above,

I screamd for my love to save me,

But she was too buisy to see,

Perhaps she did not care,

But at the time that was not something i could not bare

So with my love walking out of my little illusion,

I began to slip into a unending confusion,

I had to escape this coffin wellded by my mind,

And at this moment is when my eyes were strickin blind,

My fear seemd to subside,

Cause now i reallize im in for my final ride,

So I prepare to rest for eternity,

Nothing else is here,

Nothing but me,

But thats all i need,

Cause on the darkness of my mind i will feed,

Untill my final day,

In my mind I shall stay

The End

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