Pieces Of Eight

A Classic tale where woman marries for all the wrong reasons, status or money perhaps convenience, the taboo of all. This becomes apparent to her only now, the day of her wedding, but it's too late she can't back out, everyone's here, it be a sham after all. The Black Knight signifies sudden consciousness, realization. I see the Knight as being her true love who appears uninvited, yet speaks of not, but makes all know, that love was sold for gold.


Pieces of Eight 

Where is this Ball, that frivolous Bash, emphatic Gala, impetuous Rash?

It's there great sir, beyond the doors, the room so grand in marbled floors.

Ceaseless halls utter content sounds of laughter unaided suspends,

Sense of right displaced, in trade are wrongs exchanged,

Spirits stripped the hour near as time sits still in wait,

Numinous guest the Knight in back, dressed in armor of steel in black.

The stunning bride appears a flower rare perhaps as that of Dahlia, brilliant splendor royal regalia, 

Pledges asserted in vain, rings of gold exchanged,

Pieces of eight, promises made, cups of wine in silver raised,

The parting of veil a touch of the lips, the Joining of two sustained.

         All in room entranced, bride a fleeting glance, the sounds of glee eclipsed by silence,

time in still suspends defiance. 

The mystic Knight distinct in sight appears to all or few,

With words unspoken thoughts unbroken reveals to bride a simple token.      

Your craved desire for love unbound, pursued your whole life through,

Yet chose instead upon this day, treasures unfound accrue.


                                                                          ~t.m.k \m/

The End

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