Picturesque Marketing

I visited the Alps for the first time last week. Someone gave me a mint and I was blown away into a hundred old commercials.

Marketing men 
spend hours on end
on how to bend 
our associations.

A beer in Cozumel
is laughing, young
and filled with lust. 
Sunny as if life were just 
for carefree fun.

A breath mint in the Alps
is pure and brisk
crystalline air,
glittering waterfalls everywhere 
And away you're whisked. 

So when you're pushing your grocery cart
mundanely through the store,
concerned about tomorrow,
stressed about the hour, 
you can be transported
to an exotic land. 

This beer bares the sun.
This mint harrows the clouds.

Then when one travels 
beyond one's town
to see the mountains! 
to see the sea!
to see all absurdity
galloping free.

The ocean's no more a mystery
stretching into infinity.
It's tan young girls
and an ice cold beer.

The mountains are no more booming gods
looming with rage, quiet as fog. 
The are the cover of a foil package.
They are a pop and a smile. 

Marketing men
This will be our revenge.
Your smiling photo in Paris
With someone who you loved.

Then returning again 
and you can't explain 
why the Eiffel tower
brings you disdain. 

The End

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