She Loves Me; She Loves Me Not

She Loves Me; She Loves Me Not

❧ She loves me; she loves me not,

❧ those have been my only thoughts.

❧ Fighting for her all day long

❧ hoping I don't say things wrong

❧ just to make sure I wrote this song.

❧ ¶

❧ I'm not ready to put down my flag,

❧ I loved that girl from day one.

❧ It's been years since we first played tag.

❧ The way I feel can't be undone.

❧ ¶

❧ On the ground looking towards the sky.

❧ Laying down gazing at the stars

❧ there was no one else just you and I.

❧ Back then we weren't so far.

❧ ¶

❧ Together we've been through so much,

❧ girl I'm telling you we don't have to change.

❧ I can't live without your touch,

❧ without you this life is strange.

❧ ¶

❧ Girl just trust me I'll catch you,

❧ you know I won't leave you hanging.

❧ Come on girl, tell me it's not true

❧ Please don't leave me thinking

❧ ¶

❧ She Loves me; she loves me not

The End

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