After my ex raped me, I was too scared to really come forward and tell the world what my he had done to me. I didn't want to press charges, I didn't want to feel. My feelings just shut off, and I was numb. My mind started to forget what had happened to me, but the nightmares kept at it and I got anxious every time I visited home. And that still happens. But now, it's like the feelings I had kept locked up are out. And the pain and fear are gone. I'm not scared of him anymore. I'm not scared to l

I've come to write a letter
I letter I'd never rendered
Necessary until now
And I'm writing it now

Dear Insert Blank Space Here
I just wanted to say fuck you
No, seriously, I mean it
I've been afraid for too long, you
Had a power over me, and I hate it
But trust me when I say
That I'm not even close to afraid
I've got an army at my back
Just made up of facts
And as a matter of fact,
You lied
But for now I'll keep you alive
Just so I can inflict enough pain
For you to see what I deal with every day
Are you sleeping where you died?
Do you have terrors in the night?
Have you been trying so hard to remember
Just so you wouldn't forget?
My brain just wants to surrender
The memories, but I won't let it
I refuse to suppress what you did to me
I need to know what it did to me
How it affected me
How it killed me
And how it cured me
You see, I'm back now with a vengeance
And I'll stop you from getting away with this
You'll pay for what you did, one way or another
And I'd hate for you to turn up dead
I'd hate to see the sky turn red
And I'd hate to see your rolling head
Because that's too kind to someone so cruel
And for someone that died, I've learned a thing or two
You can stand on solid ground
And I'll just dig it from beneath you
Slowly going around
Until you're too far down to move
Then I can just bury you alive
Bit by bit of dirt
And then I can listen to you scream
And damn, will it feel good.

Basically, my love, I'm just warning you
That I'm back, I'm pissed, and I'm coming after you.

The End

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