Phenomenonal Rush

Everyone has their guilty pleasure

Well mine is how he is a phenomenon

The place doesn't affect how your love captures me

Hot like a flaming fire

Cool like a Maine breeze

Exploring inside and out

He has me in his hands

Under his demand

I know the command by sound

Your grace is that of Europe

Catastrophic chemistry progressing with each penetration

Static fumes in our mouths

Into the mattress we sink

Disintegrate between you and the blanket

Never meant to last

So if I shatter like glass let it be with you

Your tongue like addicting drugs, nothing but toxic

It keeps my head spinning, out of control

I’ll never sleep like New York City

Taste of your skin so perfect

You make my strong spirit yell out like Africa

You’re beautiful because I love you

When you smile, no one can resist smiling back

Can’t let you go from my embrace, I fell in love with this feeling

I have to see you tonight, anywhere soon

You keep my heart busy like China

Remove the air between us, replace it with exhausted breath

Sway me into the dark, where we dance

Caress my head with a protective hand

Guide my lips to yours, angle it to where you like

Skins mashing, colliding

You make me wild like the Amazon

Your beating heart intensifies my burning by a thousand suns

You hush me quite like our little City of Medicine

The End

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