Trenches of depths unreachable
separate us,
By velocity unchained I move,
Since before you were gone
I was seasons behind,
And wore it white and wounded,
Created in little volleys,
Found like the mantle of doubt
splayed; "wide-eyed animal,"
You said,
And it gave you away,
Soon drained, less grave,
Reality bled within your trusting

The walls of Jericho
balanced in frame,
We tried to forget
time and place, the gates aflame,
And you were quiet,
So silent,
Like life was distant and grand
and sentenced to death,
But it wasn't so, Valiant, you'd grow,
We'd share the same fate yet,
And let
in the sun and its sad treasures;
That sight gave us value
while it maimed our aether spell,
The meaning fell
behind squalls and shoaling thoughts,
The mark found deep inside.

Truth be told,
Unfolded minutes beckoned me
like a distant cry,
The forever descended, a sierra
to sever already forgotten dreams,
Point Never drew closer, alembic
catharsis wrapped me
in a blanket of terms and desires,
Unfulfilled and accepted,
The sound of your footsteps
down our shared regret
rang no longer,
And in the silence there, I heard
the sigh of a choice,
Like the rustle of time against
the wind,
The last of kin
drowned in unbridled lust,
An immanent coalescence thought
lost, is found.

The End

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