Pet SnakeMature

I tried to write this as a man who had bad experiences with women, involving trust, and that causes him to turn into a natural predator to them. Now the man(eagle) begins has a hard time trusting women(snakes), destroying his relationships and hurting the woman (and himself) because of it.
Or maybe its a man just looking finding the wrong women...

Women have deceived me with false love,

 fakes smiles,

and eyes that lie, more than the serpent tongue speaks, but I always wanted a pet snake.

Boa constricts my neck,

as she hugs and kisses,

hisses in my ear.

"Hold me dear, baby." but snake scales scratch my skin,

bleeding old scars.

And snake bites, filled with venom, 

ecstasy, til'  I stop loving me.

And let my heart bleed her poison.

Semen spills.

Eggs hatch .

Cracks of an "I love you".


Respect hatched.

As the rattles shook the nest.

Love hatched.

As the heart was released from her grip.

Trust hatched.

Then consumed by serpent tongue,

slither side to side,

hissing lies.

And my eagle beak eats,

breaks and cracks,

the eggs we made.

Yolks sizzles and I feed my pet snake.

My beak to her forked tongue.

Her venom leaks.

Tears shed.

And she swallows.

Everything accepted.


Predators meet.

Saliva dripping .

Hearts pound.

Communication through the eyes.

A kiss?

No, a bite.

Talons claw at the snake.

Fangs lock on the eagle.

Swallowed whole.

Relationship never hatched..

The End

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