I procrastinate too much
I don't want to face my failure
I can't blame it on my Dad anymore
Because he's already in his grave

So I drink to block it out
And hurt myself deliberately
My friends stopped caring long ago
they want me to finish the job

Self help books litter my bedroom
certain pages are pasted on my walls
They don't help me much but
They make good poetry

And you tell me to lighten up
That I'm a pessimist
Maybe I am just honest
Cos I'm a depressive optimist

I've been lonely for some time
So I hang around at my local bar
I don't care who is interested
as long as I don't have to go home

Somedays I stay in the basement
And hold a gun to my head
I'm too much of coward to pull the trigger
so I leave and get wasted once more

The End

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