Personal Hell

There's a coldness in my heart
and rain is my best friend,
when tears roll down my face,
No one can see
what I truly feel within.
People ask and I lie
People worry and I hide
Surrounded by memories that crush my heart
I cry like a child
I'm torn apart.
I want to scream
but no sound comes out
Just leave me alone.
My mind is clouded
and scars remain
 I wish I was as strong
as people expect me to be,
But the pain I feel is six feet deep,
No matter what I do
it won't go away,
I'm forced to remember
I can never forget
Every detail of darkness
that my bodies embraced.
I don't want to be alone
I want to scream for help
Someone, anyone
hold me tight
and save me from
my own personal

© 2015 Alicia Wilson

The End

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