Personal Gratification

This is a short rhyme just for fun. Please feel free to add your bit of personal gratification.

Hello you strange, wondrous people,

hark hear me speak aloft from this steeple.


It's something that's fairly simple,

... the only world I can think of is pimple.


Ahem, a moment to think,

perhaps poor myself a stronger drink.

or blink, look theres a sink, I can hear it clink, as I wash... dishes.


... Damn I thought I had gotten the hang of it ...


I Digress...

It is you I wish to address.


I have donated to this site,

Now a small suggestion if I might.


Perhaps you should donate too,

Alternatively Karma might grant you the flu.


Thank Nick,for all you have done,

protagonize is ever so fun.


Now if only I could learn to Rhyme,

Or write prose in time.


Or keep a beat.

Damn I'm hungry. Weres something to eat !

The End

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