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My intuition has never failed me, my suspicions always prove

The reasons I am timid when comes to loving you

My chest begins to tighten and anxiety engulfs

 as the once ignored signs manifest as cruel jokes

I expose my heart in hopes of satisfying needs

That seem to never end and I can never meet

And this gives you the motive… you know your justification to stray

Convincing yourself it is me that has pushed YOU away

But the story always flips when it is brought to the light

Words of sorrow are expressed and you won’t leave without a fight

But this too shall pass with the coming of a new day

As I open my eyes to an arrangement of flowers on display

I believe time heals all so patiently I wait

while watching the flower petals fall as if counting down the days

and when my flower perishes  and my heart is still not whole

I began to realize the real common goal

You have personified the bouquets of all the flowers you give

 because just like them we are perishable

 beautifully journeying to a certain end.  

The End

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