Perfectly Happy.

Knowing that everything will eventually be ok!

I can feel the fresh air filling my lungs.

I can breathe again.

I notice how the birds sing, I had forgotten.

Was this noise present before?

Was it something I chose to ignore?

Perhaps I left it at my front door.

These small things I notice clearly,

its too much to take, I'm frightened nearly.

I notice how bright the sun is ahead.

I notice the comfort of my small old bed.

It's all being taken in,

forever held within.

I can experience the things I've missed now,

the parties, the inside jokes, the gatherings.

All the things I said I was missing are mine,

though, the healing process will take some time,

I know that sun will always shine.

The clouds  may cover the light some days,

but this freedom cannot fade away with the dark,

one day my heart will find again a spark.

My soul will ignite like a flame.

It's odd to think that I'm ok.

I hated being without you at first,

but now being free's quenched my thirst,

for life, love, longing and everything in between.

So, if this makes you perfectly happy,

that's perfectly fine with me.





The End

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