Together Alone

You know that together you are strong and you know that alone we are all weak

If we are weak together, our weakness becomes strength and we can make it against all the odds

Who cares about the favorite, we can all win

The outcome is not what matters, it is how you feel

What you look like is not everything

Who you are is

Take some paper and a pen

Write down everything that you like about yourself

Write what you dislike about yourself

Now take the dislikes

Rip them to streds

Throw them away

Like the rubbish they are

We are all the way we are meant to be, never try to change that

Who cares if your eyes are a strange colour

Who cares if you have a strange laugh

Its whats inside you that counts

Don't be vain


You are precious

You are loved

You are special

You have a purpose

You are beautiful...

Akunamatata (:

The End

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