An Angel's Diary Oct. 7th '09

For some odd reason my brain won't work right today. I've tried a zillion things and I never get to finish any! It's 10:09pm and I should be doing trig homework instead of writing in a  virtual diary but I couldn't care less right now! Well... actually... I do care...

Why is it that I can never get my fingers to look nice? Like, EVER? I know that that's probably the randomest question in the world but then again, who cares? Seriously now, it can get really boggus (sp?) when you're trying to sit down and just write but your fingers are just so freaking ugly it's distracting! Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I still wish they would look better. I bet you're like "Get a manicure. Duh!" but you are soooo wrong there! I cannot, and will not, succumb to an american salon. They charge way too much for crap. Like, last time I went to one, i walked out with f'ed up hair. Made me so mad! Well, the hairstylist wasn't american, but whatever! She's in the US!

Speaking of wish... OMGosh! Today is the anniversary of when I first moved to the states! *goes crazy* IT'S BEEN FOUR FREAKIN' YEARS NOW!!! Men! How time flies by! I can't believe I didn't even notice till like, right now. Haha I can be so slow at times! Like when today, during chemistry, Raven was doing sign language in a corner and I was like "What the heck?" and she just kept doing this weird signs. Well, I happen to know a few signs myself, and finally figured out that she was signing "I want to have sex with your v*****." You can guess what my face looked like. It was like O_o Haha! And Raven congratulated me on figuring it all out! My friends can be so immature sometimes.

You know what's sad? I have no life. No, wait, that's a lie! I mean, I barely have a life. With AP homework, work, and church I have no time to go out and have fun! I'm practically a loser now. It SUCKS! And I don't even get to go on facebook without my mum telling me to "finish" my homework. Thankfully I do finish it, although not at home *smiles*. My friends, specifically Raven, feel sorry for me and set up a bunch of goals that I have to accomplish by set times. It goes like this:

Get two random guys' phone numbers by Oct 9th (aka homecoming)

Find a date for Sadies before the dance.

Find a boyfriend before Y-teens.

I think they are all crazy. There is no way I will accomplish any of these. Just watch. By Friday I will have zero phone numbers. I'd much rather stay home and read a book than go out to meet and hang out with two complete strangers.

The End

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