Perfect, yet worthless

In so many ways, perfect

In the most important, worthless

Distance is the mistress

Doubt errupts because of her

So we holdback

Trust we don't become too attached

Knowing its already too late for that

Comfortable calls turn into talkin till dawn

Effort is free

we invest for a fee

Our time

Without guarantee ,contract or lease

Hoping Benifits to be redeemed

Visions of future evolve

Us being involved

Ignoring every sane thought

We continue

Saying yes but no

contradicting each movement

Unknown conclusion

Scared its just a content delusion

Forced into thinking this way

Naive are my thoughts 

u say

But I don't cuz I won't

Give into a box people predict

A lie only ment to restrict

A kiss thats empty & meaningless

I won't live ina world so cold

My heart can't breathe in your snow

How hard should I fight

Im tryna show you theres more to life

Is the end result worth it?

What if it was beyond perfect?

A place u never lived

But what if won't exist

Your logics too strict

Never try only to save your own pride

Shallow as your breath

Your tone fears your neglect

If you'd only take a look

Want more, fear less

Your heart never speaks 

You think your secrets are too deep

So inside is where u seek, to keep,

Safe, far & out of reach, of any pain

You pray I'm not the same

Turn on the lights & there ill be

Future wasn't talkin bout her, he was talkin bout me

Hearts break and eyes cry

The struggle is to keep hope alive

Fear in nothing

Despite where you've been

All I want is joy for your smile

& Happy for your grin

Look beyond your heart but to your soul, there is where you'll find your gold

If u take anything at all, know

Pain is just a seed where love grows

The End

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