Perfect Vision

I walked through heaven

To get to this hell

I lost my way

The minute I fell


I can't make my way back

I don't know how

In heaven we were together

But I'm alone now


It's starting to burn here

My old scars are coming back

I can't cry in this heat

My vision has gone black


I never thought our journey

Would lead me to this place

I never thought I'd try so hard

To forget your smiling face


Just tell me if it's raining

In heaven while you're there

Do the raindrops shine and glitter

In her perfect hair


You told me it would all work out

Before you left me blind

I know things have changed

But you didn't have to leave me behind


This dust is burning my lungs

I can't feel through the pain

I never thought I'd miss the cold

I didn't know I loved the rain


I want to make it back some day

Back to where I can mend

Where you have perfect vision

But you can't see the end

The End

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