Perfect LoveMature

Your body under my fingertips is like no other

The rush you have makes me obsessed

Doesn’t my body say loud enough?

“I wanna get you alone”

We don’t need to be friends

Figure out what I have to offer you

Typical isn’t what you are

The contagiousness of your love is hot like a fever

You match perfectly in my tune

Ask my lips to dance with the beat

You had me at the taste of your tongue

Your hands exploring every inch of my legs

I wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too

Our love will be the perfect crime

Penetrate me in everyway

Just put your hands on me

Be the animal I know you have in you

I want you from the inside out

Grab my wrists and hold me down

Make me feel perfect

Make me wanna grind my teeth

Create a heavy atmosphere

Scratched all down my sides and back

The burning air in my ear is your breath

Strip me down

Just tear it off

I don’t care

I love the tingles you transfer to me

You’re breathing in my ear

Take me into the night

Where we can make perfect love

The End

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