The pretty little princess ,

She hides behind the makeup,

And the pink Stilettos

And she knows there's so much more,

She just doesn't know what she's looking for.

The girl who's toothpick thin,

Feels like she needs to binge,

She's withering away to nothing,

All she can see in the mirror is fat,

But she's beautiful just like that.

The shy girl who sits in the back of the class,

Haunted by secrets from her past,

She puts on a fake smile, forces a laugh,

But she feels like she isn't good enough,

She just wants to be loved.

So you're insecure,

Maybe a little unsure,

Just trying to fit in,

Uncomfortable in your own skin,

Just wanted you to know,

That you're beautiful,

Don't let anyone treat you like you're worthless,

You're here on purpose,

When you get pushed down, stand back up,

Honey you are loved.

They say I'm to small to play rugby,

But one day they'll stand on the sidelines and watch me,

My ears are too big,

And my chest is too small,

I'm sorry I'm not perfect,

But I'm not sorry at all.

The End

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