Just a poem

There's another lady,

She's sitting on the stair,

They all think I'm crazy,

And tell me she's not there.


There's a child weeping,

Because she's lost her mum,

There's a Man that's sleeping,

A baby sucking his thumb.


We have no baby they say,

And who is that man you see?

Why would mum go away?

Because that crying girl is me.


The man is not someone that I know,

The baby not related,

The woman an the stair wears a different eau - -

de toilette, I think she's anticipated.


You will guess who she is,

The man is gentle and kind,

The baby has hair all in Frizz

and his babygro is lined.


These people are living in our home,

Our future lives n waiting,

We cannot stop them,

as it's our denstinies that we are creating.

The End

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