How I feel about it

This is a story about how I feel when I have to work with people I don't like. I am sure that everyone can relate as everyone has to work with people they just really don't like.

People I don't like. 

Why oh why do I have to work with them? I know I may sound like a spoilt brat but I just don't care about that. 

As admit it you feel exactly the same way about it. That I always do and it makes me angry that there is nothing I can do.

I want to scream and shout until my hair falls out. 

I have to pretend I like them when really I want to end them. 

So to make myself feel better I release my anger by writing it in a poem or a letter. 

But when the time comes to be rid of them I make a bid on how long I will last.

Sometimes better other times worse. 

That it may even sound like I am singing or writing a verse. 

Every time it is always the same. 

I scream and shout until I am in pain. 

I think about the time when I will be free 

As if I am floating at sea 

When that shinning day of glory arrives 

I am always in surprise 

That I survived another day 

So then I can go out to play 

Everything is fine at long last 

Until another times crepts up on me 

Here I go figithing against she 

Will I ever be free? 

Or will I always be locked away 

Inside a place far away

I remind myself that one day I will be free 

but if only I could see

That I am free as a bee

The End

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