People of Royal Wootton Bassett

A tribute to the many folk of this lovely little town, who paid respects to the soldiers fatally wounded in Afghanistan, and how without fail they would turn out to honour those who had paid the ultimate sacrifice.

People of *Royal Wootton Bassett

They lined the street more than five deep.
To salute the soldiers of war,
Who had lost their lives, (as you and I sleep,)
In Afghanistan abroad.

The families mourn the ones they have lost.
The scars engraved so deep.
But in their heart is a sense of pride,
for those now in their deepest sleep.

No more to see a friendly smile,
No more to wave Goodbye,
The biggest Goodbye has just been had,
As they join with their God on high.

They would not want us to cry for them.
Nor grieve for ever and a day,
But to pray for their colleagues left behind,
And hope it's behind they'll stay.

The people of Wootton Bassett unite,
To support mourners, and show their respect,
for the soldiers who have lost their lives at war.
To remind us, lest we forget.

*Note: The word 'Royal' was added at a later date to the original composition of this poem.

The End

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