People like me.Mature

I need to say straight now, that people like me, 

Aren't right....and just aren't meant to be,

In places like this...

People like me don't belong to others

Were scared of the dark and can't talk to our mothers 

We shout to be heard and finish second place 

We scrape the tears away as soon as they hit our face 

We hide in the park at night and pretend to be free

When inside we are small and find it just so hard to be

With someone who loves us, someone who has in us, trust 

Where 'I love you' comes easy and kissing back is a must

With someone we know we should be with, but we want to fail

So we can go back on the market, for strangers in a second hand sale 

People like me, make the wrong choices simply because we can

We won't belong to any one town, friend, family or persausive man

We always make sure were alone, when we begin our multiple falls

Only break down and hurt and scream out, in our own four walls 

So this is why, here and now I have everything I know I need

On my prematurely creased forehead appears a bead 

Sweat, wondering how long it will take for you to realise I don't belong

The lost child hid within the choir, now begins singing the wrong song 

I know the reason I have to go

I know the reason I have to say no 

It's because I'm a person like me,

We just don't deserve to be,

With people who keep us safe and secure 

See, we're supposed to feel unhappy, scared and unsure

I know the reason I have to crack, shatter, steal, tear, break your heart,

Is because I knew I would, go and break all of the promises we made from the start 

I have lied because that is what people like me do

I have pretended to be like someone else for you 

I am cheating and dirty, tired, useless too 

Everyone else knows I belong to the other man who...

Will kick me into the ground,

Because thats where people like me belong to be 

I hope one day this fact, you may come to see. 

The End

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