every few minutes a ghostly shadow of a cloud drifts by, subtly changing the color from khaki to a deeper brown. camels and birds commune at an oasis, enveloped by a casing of palm trees, providing parental shade and comfort for the animals that gather for sure sustenance. the water feels cool on their tongues and beaks as they drink.

a sudden chill wind blows gently, making some of the caravan look up and scent the air. a strange scent is carried with it, one that they have not smelled before. something strong and tangy, reminiscent of what they smell in the strange creatures that carry the Two Legged Ones through the desert, taking their place. happily they stepped down, allowing the strangely shaped creatures that did not eat, apart from the Bad Water that they drank through their sides. the Bad Water is what they smelled on the wind.

the palm trees sway as the wind picks up slightly, carrying more of the scent. the birds, too, feel the wind pick up and shiver. some take wing and fly off. others stare at the sky with the tart taste of adrenaline and fear rush to their tongues. more camels run to their shelters along the desert's rim, close to the Two Legged Ones. 

a whistling sound erupts through the desert, and a strange bird is seen flying overhead that does not flap or have feathers like the other birds. it passes, whirring, carrying the Bad Water stench. another object starts falling towards them, carried on a wide piece of fabric fanning out and slowing its descent. one of the camels bravely walks to it as it gets about six feet from the ground and touches its bottom with its nose.

light everywhere, followed by an ear-shattering noise. the camels remaining and the birds are blown backwards, their bones and flesh flying, tendrils of blood swirling in the explosion. the water in the oasis is turned to vapor and then eradicated. the trees catch on fire, killing any birds that nested in their branches. people, the Two Legged Ones, cry out in a foreign tongue as they burn.

 all that is left is the sand,

 the burning


The End

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