Strangers, people we know

Though do we stop to consider a stranger to us is a friend to another?

And how odd to think that the ones we know are not known by all?

Somehwere in those thoughts lies the key to realising everyone is important.


Each person has their own story

and there is a tale behind every relationship.

Individuality is the common factor

in this world where experience influences character.


Faces in the crowd...

Do we as separate persons become

lost in the multitude of voices? Who

pauses to think of the precise tastes of

everyone in the same room? Or their desires?

Isn't it times like these when we reveal

our true, base selfishness?

Isn't it in busy places where we show

profound ignorance?


Herds of humans are fascinating things.

Amongst us, there may be

a potential celebrity,

a charitable person,

a celebrated doctor.

When the fame isn't obvious, we don't see it.

We are blind to each other: cold and deaf too.


Sit on a bench

at the park,

in the mall.

How many pass you?

Do your thoughts include them?

Who are you to People?

The End

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