Perhaps is the word
Perhaps abominable -
But then, aren't we all?

Far beyond the abundance of man,
And above the cloud forest leaves, she ran,
Wispfully not tending sorrows of hate,
For fortune does not come to those who wait.
It is not a fleeting dream nor a quick hope,
As one intends to marry, not elope,
But even with careful planning, can one
Marry oneself, combine moon and sun?
Perhaps life is a metaphor for life,
But ne'ermore shall she be content with strife,
Words are but words if they have no meaning,
Like unclaimed opinions have no leaning,
And a fire is not a fire lest it burn,
For is it not that warmth that we all yearn?
Turning an onslaught is no easy feat,
When it is commandeered by the elite,
But, say, that their thrones were shattered,
And their prejudices no longer mattered,
Would cleaned windows not allow us to see,
And at last entirely, she may run free?

The End

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