Peer Pressure

I remember that night

It's all to clear

I guess it'd be Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure and beer


It started with "Yes"

But then I had doubts

I started to wonder

Is this what I'm about?


This is not what I want

ran through my head

But it was too late to turn back

To them, I was already dead


I shivered at what they might do

It was my turn at last

The rest was a blur

It happened too fast


But somewhere in that time

I skinny-dipped into that lake

And crashed against the sandy floor

Causing a temporary head-ache


I guess I passed-out

After that dare

And my peers?

They left me for bare


I'm lucky to be alive

That much I know

There'll be permanent damage

Because I couldn't say "No."

The End

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